• Me: I can't believe you don't like the popcorn crumbs, they have the most cheese on them.
  • Me: *tips cheesy popcorn bag up and dumps the crumbs into my mouth*
  • Me: *moans sexually at the cheesy goodness*
  • Mom:
  • Mom:
  • Mom: Well now I've lost my appetite.
They don’t put it in the tags; just the search function. Any mention anywhere on the post will go into search function (tumblr.com/search/thing), but not into tracked tags (tumblr.com/tagged/thing). Mobile is auto search function.

lmao. another shitty tumblr function then.

still, i’m not going to censor words like percabeth, or caleo, or leo valdez. like, that’s ridiculous.

If you say the whole character/ship name without something in the middle (l@o va/ldez for example) tumblr will automatically put on their tags

i thought that was only on mobile??

where was this pissbaby brigade when piper mclean was getting tagged hate daily i mean really.

i literally only really tag my opinions in the character tags when i think the criticism is valid or needs to be said and seen so like…..

how are these people finding my posts????

i’m pretty sure they follow me, but why would they if i make them so angry, i just….can’t understand the minds of 12 years olds…



does anyone know of a good babysitter?? i have a bunch of pissbabies in my inbox, crying.

says the pissbaby who spends all her time whining and crying over a book

#shut the fuck up you idiot

Guys, I found one of my pissbaby anons.

  • me: god, fictional character A is such a selfish pissbaby
  • fandom: how could u say that about me,,,?????? name calling is wronG reporting and blocking can't believe u are such a bitch.
pissbabies who come into ur inbox calling you all kinds of names in their attempt to get you to stop critizicing their favorite characters because it apparently hurts their personal feelings and name-calling is wrong!!!!1

billyxkaplan replied to your post: does anyone know of a good babysitter?…

this is probably your sickest burn I’ve ever seen I’m actually a little proud

well it’s true!! they just keep crawling around and shittin’ themselves. all three of them.

does anyone know of a good babysitter?? i have a bunch of pissbabies in my inbox, crying.