Because I can.

They kinda remind me of a fanfiction. You know. One of /those/ fanfictions.

It’s like one of those high school AUs about the fandom canon powercouple. Where it only details a single year of their lives but somehow reaches into the hundred-thousand wordcount. Where the entire basis of the fic is to show how much they suffer and how much their love will pull them through. They don’t develop in any meaningful way, and the author does tease the readers with interesting tidbits of character development and interest, but then they never mention them again because they did it without realizing it, or only used it to further the romance plot.

And then it’s really popular but most would agree it’s actually not that good when looked at through a slightly aware critical eye, but OTP man and this is the only fic that updates 12,000 words weekly so.

About the only thing missing is terribly written sex scenes and a pregnancy subplot, hur.

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    Fortunately, it is entirely possible to skip it on rereads of the series. Heck, you can skip it your first time through...